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Members' Survey 2022 - Vänsterpartiet Malmö

Vänsterpartiet Malmö

Vänsterpartiet Malmö conducts members surveys when one joins the party and periodically for existing members. Surveys provide valuable insights into our members thoughts and preferences so that the party can better meet your expectations. Vänsterpartiet Malmö does not share your information with any external entity. If you have any queries please contact us on malmo@vansterpartiet.se or 040-19 27 87

Basic information

First name


Telephone number


Year of Birth

I need childcare

Vänsterpartiet Malmö aspires to provide childcare at larger gatherings/ meetings. That is if we are able to find volunteers to mind the children.

In what language besides Swedish do you prefer to be contacted in?

Occupation and Skills

What is your current occupation?

Please write your occupation and workplace/ education and school

That is your job title and employer, what are you studying and where.

Are you a member of a trade union?

If you are a member of a trade union

Please select your union from the list

Are you a union representative?

Do you comprehend any of the below stated languages?

Please tick all the languages you have either speaking or writing comprehension of

Are you proficient in any other languages, besides those stated above?


In this section we would like to know more about your civil participation in NGOs and other organizations including voluntary groups, non-profit organisations, foundations, charities etc.

Are you member of any association whether charitable, nonprofit or otherwise?

Please name the association/organization

How often do you want to be active in Vänsterpartiet Malmö?

Please choose the option that you agree the most with

Are you interested in attending a study group or attending a course with Vänsterpartiet?

Would you consider participating in any of the following?

Feel free to pick one or more options

Would you like to participate in our recurring campaigns?

Join one of our work groups!

Most of our groups have intersectionality in their approach and interact with other groups. If you are a new/fairly new member please feel free to choose options that interest you the most. If you are already an active member please state what groups you are active in.

I want to be active in my borough!

Most members join a group near their home while others prefer to be active in areas near their workplace

Would you like to participate in the following?

Feel free to pick one or more options

Support the party with your communication skills!

Feel free to pick one or more options

Other communication work

Do you have any specialized knowledge or skills?

For example play the guitar, photo editing and so on

What activities if any do you feel are lacking in Vänsterpartiet?

I may consider running for office

What political issues matters the most to you?

If you want to mention a political issue other than those stated above, you can do so here.

Do you read our members' magazine Folkviljan?

Have you considered donating to the cause?

Is there anything else you would like us to know

You can even send a greeting to Vänsterpartiet Malmö.

Organization and managing campaigns

Choose how to sign

Sign using the name and e-mail address of the respondent, i.e. yourself or if you are submitting responses on behalf of someone else.

Accept the terms

When you submit this survey, the information you provide will be stored and processed in Zetkin by Vänsterpartiet Malmö in order to organize activism and in accordance with the Zetkin privacy policy.

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